To prevent raising your own mosquitoes:

  • Containers - remove, cover, invert, or dump regularly, including saucers under pots.

  • Drainage ditches—remove obstructions to water flow such as emergent vegetation and do not leave grass clippings or yard waste in ditches which can act as an attractant to mosquitoes and a food source for larvae.

  • Rain gutters - keep clear of debris so that water can drain.

  • Rain barrels—cover rain barrels with house screening.

  • Ornamental ponds - stock with fish, remove excess emergent vegetation.

  • Swimming pools - keep chlorinated and filtered for large pools; empty or flush wading pools weekly.

  • Bird baths - change water once a week.

  • Bromeliads - flush weekly or treat with appropriate material.

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Personal Protection Measures:

  • Apply repellent containing DEET according to the label’s directions.
  • Wear light colored clothing with long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

  • Avoid being outdoors during peak mosquito activity (from dusk to dawn).

  • Ensure that all window and door screens are secure and functional.